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After sustaining a mild concussion injury I was plagued with ongoing symptoms. Finding the underlying cause to my own headache and migraine was life changing. Being able to provide others with this same relief is what sparks my passion for treating headache, migraine and post-concussion. In 2014, I opened the first Headache clinic of its kind in New Zealand and have worked exclusively in the field of Headache, Migraine and Post-Concussion treatment ever since.

I am a certified Watson Headache Practitioner and have completed an international qualification in concussion management. Twice, I have spoken at The International Headache Symposium in Italy and more recently online. Along with my Australian colleagues, I have recently co-authored a research paper on Migraine with Aura.

With more than 10,000 hours of experience dedicated to this area, I have treated thousands of patients. My key driver is inspiring my team and my patients to help headache and migraine sufferers take control of their Headache, Migraine and Concussion rather than their condition controlling them.

Prior to working in this exclusive field, I owned a private physiotherapy practice and worked for 11 years as a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, with a special interest in sports medicine. 

I am a busy Mum to four active girls and I love getting outdoors and spending time with my family. In the weekends you will often find me, with my husband James, watching our children playing sport.


Having suffered chronic migraines from a child and vertigo throughout my youth, the choice to pursue a career in physiotherapy was not difficult.  By overcoming these personal challenges and searching for answers I found that physio was more than a treatment, it was a full circle in improving not only my own health but the health of my patients.

My treatments are built strongly on education and in easy-to-understand language to allow clients to self-rehabilitate, understand healing, and set them up for a lifetime of amazing physical health.

I graduated in Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 2016 and have a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from the Australian Catholic University.  Whilst working for 5 years in the musculoskeletal field, I went on to gain my Advanced Dry Needling Certification and Master certificate. I furthered my studies in the Watson Headache Approach, which has been a field that I have wanted to pursue since becoming a physiotherapist.  It has been a game changer and is my one true passion.

When I am not working I enjoy travelling - obviously pre covid, boxing, weight training with a strong interest in sports performance nutrition.


I have spent the last two decades working as a musculoskeletal chiropractor with a particular interest in headaches and migraines.  Looking to work exclusively in this area, I trained at the Watson Headache Institute in Australia to develop a range of different skills to improve my clients’ quality of life. 

I am an aviation enthusiast - although not quite a pilot ­- with a passion for the outdoors that I love to share with my wife and daughter.  We love the outdoor, beachy lifestyle that we have living in Auckland and most summers we can be found camping in beautiful Northland.


Being a migraine sufferer I know first-hand the impact they can have on one's life. To be able to give relief to those who live with headache and migraine fuels my passion to work exclusively in this field. I want to have a positive impact on my patients lives and help improve their quality of life. I have over 15 years experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and have extensive knowledge after working in a top Auckland clinic for the majority of my career.

In 2019, my family and I moved to Cambridge to be closer to family and embrace a quieter pace of life.


Bio coming soon...


In this fast paced world, it’s often hard to prioritise our Health and Wellbeing. As a result, we trudge on and often lose sight of the fact that with some changes,  we could be feeling and functioning so much better!  I genuinely love seeing people recognise this and challenge themselves to make positive changes to take control of their Headaches and Migraine.

Since I graduated as a Physiotherapist over 20 years ago,  I have worked mainly in Musculoskeletal  Physiotherapy and Post-operative Rehabilitation with further studies in Pilates, Dry needling, Breathing Pattern Disorders and Headache and Migraine management. Focusing on the field of Headache and Migraine treatment has been amazing and I’m excited about how advances in research and treatment are integrated into our practise to give you the most up-to-date care.  

Outside of work, you might find me up in the hills tramping with my husband and two children, out running or biking on the trails or with my sleeves rolled up in the vegetable garden. Living in such a beautiful region, we never have a shortage of places to go for exercise and inspiration!


A serious knee injury when I was 14 years old set me on my course to being a physio. I realised how frustrating it was to feel like you weren’t in control of your own body and the effect of not being able to do what you love, both mentally and physically. The genuine desire to want to help other people thorough this experience has directed me to where I am today.
I now have over 18 years of experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Over this time, I have furthered my career in pilates, chronic pain, business management and have achieved my advanced trigger point dry needling certification. This has now evolved into a focus on the neck and has ignited my passion for treating headache, migraine and post-concussion.
I thrive on improving my patient’s quality of life and helping them achieve their goals. After working exclusively in the field of headache, migraine and post-concussion and seeing the dramatic impact that I can have as a clinician, I am now hooked! I love being able to give people back their lives and helping them realise that they can have control of their symptoms instead of feeling like their symptoms control them.

Outside of work I am a busy Mum, business owner and animal lover. In my spare time I love getting away into the hills, running the trails and enjoying what our beautiful country has to offer.


Over the years I've had the opportunity to treat an increasing number of concussion patients and have witnessed just how debilitating persistent headaches can be. Seeing the impact that effective treatment can have on someone's quality of life has grown my interest in exclusively treating headaches and migraines. 

I have been practicing as a physiotherapist since 2013 and have worked in a variety of musculoskeletal settings including chronic pain, concussion, vocational rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation and with sports specific injuries. I take great satisfaction in partnering with my patients to help them achieve their goals and reclaim their lives.

Outside of work, my husband and I love connecting with friends, training in the gym and adventuring in the outdoors. For me, it doesn't get any better than sitting on top of a mountain, looking out over the beautiful world we live in.


Growing up with family members and close friends that have suffered with headaches and persistent post-concussion syndrome, I have seen the way these symptoms can weave their way into all aspects of an individual’s life and how this can affect those around them as well. Learning that these conditions can be treated with the skills I have as a physiotherapist has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Over my Career I have worked predominantly in the musculoskeletal field and have furthered my studies in Acupuncture, Pilates, breathing pattern disorders, and Headache and Migraine treatment. I have also branched into the areas of clinical education and research, which highlighted to me how quickly the knowledge we have about these conditions is progressing and changing.

Working exclusively in the Headache and Migraine field allows me to focus my skills and knowledge in this area, and importantly, to make a meaningful difference to the lives of my clients. The greatest reward is when my clients get to the stage where they are in control of their headaches, rather than their headaches controlling them.

When not at work, I am a mum to 3 energetic boys that keep me on my toes and young at heart! We enjoy an active lifestyle, getting out and about as a family and exploring the great outdoors in our immediate as well as our wider back yard.


I am passionate about helping others overcome barriers so that they can get the best out of their lives. From my time treating patients and also from my personal experience, I know that there's nothing quite as debilitating or that erodes one's enjoyment of life as much as chronic headache, migraine and post-concussion symptoms.

During my postgraduate years I have worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. It became clear to me that the most fulfilling and impactful area I could work in would be guiding those afflicted with these symptoms to a better quality of life.

I’m a lover of the outdoors, animals, exercise and exploring opportunities. In my spare time you will find me busy with projects and renovations, skiing, tramping, exercising, and most importantly spending time with friends and family.

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