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Finding the underlying cause to my own headache and migraine was euphoric and life changing. Being able to provide others with this same relief is what sparks my passion for treating headache, migraine and post-concussion. In 2014, I opened the first Headache clinic of its kind in New Zealand and have worked exclusively in the field of Headache, Migraine and Post-Concussion treatment for 7 years.

With more than 8500 hours experience dedicated to this area, I have treated thousands of patients. My key driver is inspiring my team and my patients to help headache and migraine sufferers take control of their Headache and Migraine rather than their condition controlling them.

Prior to working in this exclusive field, I owned a private physiotherapy practice and worked for 11 years as a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, with a special interest in sports medicine. 

I am a busy Mum to four active girls and I love getting outdoors and spending time with my family. In the weekends you will often find me with husband James watching my children playing sport.


After working in the UK and Australia for many years, I have settled into vibrant Auckland. I have a great passion for sailing and enjoy renovating our home with my husband. To enhance my skill set, I attended The Watson Headache Institute in Australia. I have been work exclusively in Headache, Migraine and Post-concussion treatment for three years and love improving the quality of life of my patients.


I am an aviation enthusiast - although not quite a pilot ­- with a passion for the outdoors that I love to share with my wife and daughter.  We love the outdoors, beachy lifestyle that we have living in Auckland and most summers we can be found camping in beautiful Northland.

I have spent the last two decades working as a musculoskeletal chiropractor with a particular interest in headaches and migraines.  Looking to work exclusively in this area, I trained at the Watson Headache Institute in Australia to develop a range of different skills to improve my clients’ quality of life.  


Throughout my life I've had close family and friends suffer from migraines and headaches, and have seen first hand how debilitating, exhausting and draining they can be on one's quality of life. Guiding my patients in a journey to regain what they had once lost is incredibly fulfilling, meaningful and impactful for both myself as a clinican and for my patients.

I have been practising as a physiotherapist since 2013 and have worked in various environments revolving around general injuries, sports specific injuries and chronic injuries.

I have a strong interest in improving my patients quality of life through a holistic and whole-person approach. Everything is interconnected, and I feel it's incredibly important to address the root cause of a problem, rather than just working on the symptoms.

When not working, you'll probably find me with my wife and my two kids, at the beach relaxing and reading, or doing some training in the gym! Let's work on your recovery together, and let's get you back to doing the things and activities you love! I look forward to meeting you!


Being a migraine sufferer I know first hand the impact they can have on ones life. To be able to give relief to those who live with headache and migraine fuels my passion to work exclusively in this field. I want to have a positive impact on my patients lives and help improve their quality of life. I have over 15 years experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and have extensive knowledge after working in a top Auckland clinic for the majority of my career.

In 2019, my family and I moved to Cambridge to be closer to family and embrace a quieter pace of life.


I have a real love for the outdoors and the Canterbury high country. In my spare time you will find me out running in the hills, managing our own business or spending time with my family.

I am a passionate physiotherapist with 17 years of musculoskeletal experience and thrive on improving people’s quality of life. Working exclusively with headache and migraine enables me to make a real difference to my clients lives, which I love.


I am a busy Mum who loves exploring the outdoors with my family and friends. We enjoy tramping and camping and I am an expert at packing the tent back into its bag.

I have been a physiotherapist in the musculoskeletal field for 15 years and have two postgraduate diplomas. In 2016 I trained at The Watson Headache Institue and found using this treatment had a positive impact on my patients.

Wanting to make a greater difference and sharpen my skills in this area, I decided to work exclusively in the field of Headache, Migraine and Post-concussion syndrome and joined the team at The Headache Clinic Christchurch in 2018.


I am a born and bred Cantabrian who enjoys a busy life. When I have time you will find me out running half marathons and spending time with my young family.

After graduating from the University of Otago's School of Physiotherapy in 2003 I followed my interest for sports physiotherapy and worked in a number of highly regarded musculoskeletal and sports injury clinics.

I have worked with a large number of young sporting elite and in 2015 completed my postgraduate certificate in rehabilitation.

I enjoy the challenge of treating a health complaint that until recently was considered in the too hard basket to treat and improving peoples lives who have lived with a chronic pain condition for 30-40 years in some cases.


I am a mum to 3 energetic boys that keep me on my toes and young at heart! We shifted back to Southland in 2014 where, when we are not shuttling between various sports, we enjoy getting out and about as a family exploring the great outdoors in our immediate as well as our wider back yard.

I graduated from Otago University in 2001 and have had a varied career in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and more recently also in clinical education and research. Over the years I have seen the impact that Headaches and Migraines can have on an individual and how it can affect those around them as well.

I joined the Headache Clinic team in 2020 and I am enjoying the opportunity this has given me to focus my skills and knowledge in this area, and importantly, to make a meaningful difference to the lives of people living with Headaches and Migraines.  

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