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To ensure we are keeping up with all the latest research, Helen is working alongside some of the best in the business! 

Helen Tufui is the only New Zealander included in the Collaborative Research Team at The Watson Headache Institute. 


"Research surrounding Headache, Migraine and Concussion is constantly evolving, and it is an honour to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in this area ." Helen Tufui

The knowledge and expertise that Helen holds has been acknowledged with an invitation to speak at The International Watson Headache Symposium, which was to be held in Rome in May 2020 however, this is now to be held in an online forum later in 2020.


Follow the below link for more information on the research Helen is involved in:




Tips to help your Headache & Migraine

  • Lying flat on your back with no pillow and either a hot or cold pack in the hollow of the neck
  • Go for a walk in the fresh air - walk tall with good posture
  • If sitting at your computer correct your posture by lifting your chest up and pulling your head in so it is sitting on top of your body (pretending that the screen smells really bad!)
  • When travelling try taking off your jumper and putting it into the arch in the lower back so it is easier to maintain a correct sitting position
  • Lie on your side on the couch instead of sitting in comfortable seats with slouched posture. Keep your head in a neutral position by placing a cushion under your head when lying on your side.
  • Don't lie in bed on your back with pillows under your head


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