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How are we different?

At The Headache Clinic, we understand that you have probably tried many different treatments to manage your Headache and Migraine. 

Our service is unique and looks to identify the underlying cause of your Headache and Migraine. Research clearly indicates that whether you suffer from Tension Headache, Migraine, Cluster Headaches or one of the other 300+ types of Headache and Migraine, you will have a sensitised lower brainstem.

Your brainstem is housed within the top 3 vertebrae of your spine and receives information from the structures in the head as well as the upper cervical spine (top of the neck).

Our role is to assess whether the structures in the upper cervical spine are contributing to this sensitivity, treat the dysfunction in this area and then teach you how to maintain your improvement long-term!

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The Cause













With over 300 different classified types of Headache and Migraine, is there one centralised cause?

Find out what is causing your Headache and Migraine today. Read more here. 

What we do



With so many other treatments claiming to relieve headache and migraine, how are we different?

To start with, we follow the latest ground-breaking medical research. Read more here.

Assessment and Treatment



Find out what you can expect during our initial consultation and treatment.

Results are what we are all about.  Find out what you can expect from your treatment. Read more here. 


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