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Assessment and Treatment

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initial consultation

During your initial consultation, our practitioners gain a complete and in-depth knowledge of your Headache and Migraine. After questioning you on the behaviour of your Headache or Migraine, we complete ligament stability testing and vertebral artery testing to ensure the safety of our clients.

A comprehensive examination of your upper cervical spine (top of your neck) is then completed and we are able to determine exactly where your Headache and Migraine is coming from and what structures are involved. 

A detailed explanation of what has been found during your examination is then delivered by your practitioner.  You will be advised what you can do to help at home and the practitioner will go on to complete your first treatment.


Follow up treatment

Our practitioners will check your progress and carry out your treatment targeting specific areas of your upper cervical spine. Our goal is to correct the dysfunction in the upper cervical spine and therefore decrease the amount of noxious information entering the brainstem. This allows the brainstem to desensitise and your tolerance to normal events improves (e.g. tiredness, stress, hormones, dehydration).

You will be shown how to correct your postural alignment and will be given a simple home exercise programme to complete which will help to maximise your results in between visits. Your follow up treatments take around half an hour.  



We expect most clients to have a significant improvement during the first three weeks of treatment. This improvement is simple to maintain at home and allows you to enjoy a better quality of life.

We all know how Headache and Migraine can change your everyday life. This is a long-term solution to give you the ability to live medication and pain-free.


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