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How are we different?

A large number of clients who come to The Headache Clinic have tried a number of different treatments with limited success.  The problem is they haven't been treating the cause of the Headache or Migraine, instead they have been trying to treat the symptoms. Our expert practitioners work exclusively in treating Headache, Migraine and post-concussion syndrome and focus on identifying and treating the cause. We aim to give you long-term results and to have you off all Headache and Migraine medication, including preventatives, and living life to the full.

How does it work?

We don't manipulate or 'crack' your neck instead, we use a gentle sustained technique to selectively stress parts of your upper cervical spine (top of your neck).  We know this is a highly sensitive area of your body which is why we have chosen to exclusively focus on treating this area. This allows our practitioner's hands to become sensitive to subtle abnormalities.

Our treatment follows the latest ground-breaking research from Dean Watson (founder of The Watson Headache Institute) which indicates that the primary contributing factor of Headache and Migraine is the upper cervical spine. 

As well as using this approach we give you some tips and tools to use at home to help you control your Headache and Migraine in the long-term.

Why us?

Our practitioners are qualified physiotherapists who have chosen to work exclusively in the field of Headache and Migraine treatment. They are experienced in assessing and treating the upper cervical spine and are highly skilled in their approach. We take great care to achieve a positive sustainable result in the shortest amount of time.  After your initial consultation, if on the rare occurrence we can't help you, we will let you know straight away.

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