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Sick of ineffective treatments for Headache and Migraine?

Are you tired of taking medication to help control your Headache and Migraine symptoms? Have you thought about the long-term impact these medications may have on your health? They could even be giving you MORE Headaches!

  Imagine getting to the source of your symptoms and being able to live a life free from medication and in control of your Headache and Migraine!

At The Headache Clinic we get to the source of your problem. 

Why do you have Headache and Migraine?

In the last 20 years, research has been able to identify a common underlying condition in all types of Headache and Migraine. 

The area in the brainstem, called the trigemino-cervical nucleus, is sensitised or irritated. This structure receives information from the head and face via the trigeminal system as well as information from the top 3 cervical nerves in the neck. 
93% of those who suffer from Migraine have a musculoskeletal dysfunction at the top of the spine!

How does our treatment work? 

The upper neck plays a significant role in the irritation of the brainstem. Our techniques identify the structures in the neck that are contributing to this irritation. We provide a skilled assessment and treatment to Headache and Migraine sufferers and use a targeted physiotherapy technique to improve your quality of life.

Many of our patients understand their neck symptoms are part of the problem however, around 30% of our patients experience no neck symptoms at all. 


Call toll-free 0800 HEADACHE (0800 432 322) or send us a message and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have about migraine treatments, migraine types, and more.

Virtual Health Appointments!

We are super excited to launch our Virtual Health Appointments!

Never before have we been so accessible!

You can get access to our expert advice, management techniques and strategies and a tailored home exercise programme, all from the comfort of your own home!

Sound good? 

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Do you want the best care?

We think that you deserve the very best care in our clinic, so we provide you with experienced and passionate staff who understand your situation. Meet our team.

There is a difference between triggers and the cause of Headache and Migraine. Click here to learn more about the cause.

90% of all of our patients don't require ongoing treatment and can self manage and maintain their progress at home. Take control of your Headache and Migraine and make an appointment today!

Corporate Package

Are your people your biggest asset?

Migraine stats in NZ tell us that Headache and Migraine is one of the most common reasons for employees taking sick leave from work. We want to pass on our knowledge and experience about the latest medical research and how to prevent Headache and Migraine. If you want your team to be fit and healthy and giving it 100%, one of our experienced practitioners can come and educate them and offer tips and tricks that can save you time and money!

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