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This is where it all started!  

Helen Tufui opened the first Headache clinic of its kind in New Zealand. Helen has been work exclusively in the field of Headache, Migraine and Post-Concussion treatment for almost 7 years.

With more than 8000 hours experience dedicated to this area, Helen has treated thousands of patients.  Helen aims to help others take control of their Headache and Migraine rather than their condition controlling them.

Prior to working in this exclusive field, Helen worked for 11 years as a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist and had a special interest in sports medicine. 

Helen is a busy Mum to four active girls and loves getting outdoors and spending time with her family. In the weekends you will often find her with husband James watching her children playing sport.

Why Visit a Headache Clinic in Invercargill? 

Are you looking for a headache remedy? Do you want to learn what causes a headache? What about migraine relief without medication? They are just a few of the many reasons why you may like to visit The Headache Clinic in Invercargill.

It's all too easy to pop a few migraine or headache pills to get rid of that throbbing in your head. But what about getting to the cause of that pain in the first place? 

Our trained practitioners can help. We assist you on your journey to headache and migraine relief using ground-breaking research from The Watson Headache Institute. 

Let us work together and see if we can come up with a solution for your headache and migraine. 

Ready to talk to one of our professionals about whether we can help you?

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